Image by Fayyaz Ahmed for DIVA Magazine Pakistan


Maliha Rehman writes compulsively, constantly. Over a career that spans over 15 years, she has established herself as one of the leading voices in fashion and entertainment in Pakistan. Her byline is valued for its credibility and she revels in zoning in on a scoop, an exclusive, a story that shakes stereotypes and places focus on matters that are close to her heart.

She currently works as a fashion and entertainment writer for Dawn newspaper, Pakistan’s leading, most widely read English daily. Her byline has also appeared in The News, the Express Tribune, Libas, Hello! Pakistan, Hello! India and the Business Of Fashion (UK). Over time, she has developed a penchant for social media and Instagrams avidly with the handle @maliharehman1.

This webpage is dedicated to sharing more of her experiences and observations: the interview that she feels needs to be highlighted, the designer par excellence who needs to be applauded, a collection that is so beautiful that it needs to be written about in detail, a comment piece that she believes in, a movie, a song or a TV drama that she wants to review. Glamour plays a pivotal role in the fields of entertainment and fashion but there is so much more, simmering just beneath the gloss that is also very significant. The cerebral side to glamour, in fact, is often more interesting than its bright, superfluous veneer. This, ultimately, is the essence underlying this webpage: gloss, etc.