Some celebs wore a LOT of designer-wear this Eid – here’s who wore what best!

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Trussing up on Eid with a designer outfit sometimes takes a whole new meaning in the celeb life. Unlike the rest of us mere mortals, celebrities usually have a plethora of high-end designer outfits stacked in their Eid wardrobes. Some, they may have bought themselves; some, they wear as part of paid photo shoots; others may be sent to them as presents by designer ‘friends’ with a loving note asking them to wear the clothes on Eid and send a picture. It must be tedious spending hours posing for pictures through most of Eid – although I have an inkling the celebrities must just wear their Eid outfits before the festival, get the pictures taken and be done with it. Once the images do get uploaded, they often  go viral, generating mileage – and possibly, sales – for the brands.

All this makes for very festive Instagram content all through Eid. But it’s quite obvious that certain actresses are more popular with designers because they are seen in multiple Eid outfits. Swiping through Instagram, I am often subconsciously comparing and contrasting and deciding on who wore what better. Here’s a run-through of Eid, via some of Pakistan’s most popular, designer-wear loving actresses:

Ayeza Khan



Eid fashion parade a la Ayeza Khan

(Top left: Ansab Jahangir Studio, top right: Hussain Rehar, bottom left: Nazli Akbar, bottom right: Sadya Sumair Design Studio)


Ayeza Khan makes Eastern-wear look fabulous which is probably why her Instagram looks like a veritable Eid catalog come the festive season. From ghararas to gota-laden shirts to chooridars and lacy whites, her social media feed was an ode to heavy duty Eid-wear – or even dholki or Mehndi wear.

What did she wear best? I am a stickler for all-whites, especially when the weather is as sweltering as it was this Eid, and Ayeza did add a pretty little touch with that pearly bow in her hair. I also really like the embellished tie-n-dye gharara by Hussain Rehar – there’s even a pretty chata-pati border around the hem. I do think, though, that the outfit would be better suited for a Mehndi.

My favorite look, then, is the peach Ansab Jahangir angarkha and chooridar worked with white embroidery. So pretty! Totally Eid!


Saba Qamar


This girl’s such a great poser! (Top left: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, top right: Hussain Rehar, bottom center: Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio)


Saba Qamar’s such a poser. She’ll work wonders with stairs, a writing table. curtains! I love Saba and I love the confidence with which she carries her clothes. My favorite Eid look for her, however, has to be the light pink Hussain Rehar shirt worked with some very unique floral embroideries.


Maya Ali



Maya Ali, always working that Disney princess vibe so well!

(Left: Faiza Saqlain, right: Hussain Rehar)

Maya Ali’s our desi vcrsion of a Disney Princess with her long hair and pretty smile and she did look totally princessy this Eid. The design by Faiza Saqlain particularly catches the eye: an all-grey crushed gharara, shirt and dupatta, worked with tiny mirrors!

I do love an all-white combo and the Hussain Rehar outfit, worked with minimal pink embroidery, is also a great Eid option. Maya works it so well with matching khussas!

On a side-note, I think Hussain Rehar sent out a whole lot of outfits to the stars this Eid. It’s a great  marketing tactic and his clothes are lovely – perhaps it’ll bring in orders for him once shaadi-season kicks in (post-Covid of course)!


Iqra Aziz




Iqra Aziz’s Eid!

(Top left: Faiza Saqlain, top right: Ammara Khan Atelier, bottom center: Hussain Rehar)


This one’s a tie! After a constant parade of embroidery, Iqra Aziz’s bottle-green silk outfit by Ammara Khan Atelier is a breath of fresh air with its tailored details and minimal embellishments. The Faiza Saqlain design also works so well and it’s a timeless classic: an all-black sharara set off by a red chunri dupatta and accessorized with lots and lots of bangles!

Hussain Rehar (see? his clothes were all over Instagram!) should have worked on achieving a better fit for that organza shirt.


Sonya Hussyn



Sonya Hussyn, la vida loca! 

(Left: Asim Jofa, right: Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio)


I love both of Sonya Hussyn’s looks: the single-tone mint green long shirt by Asim Jofa worked with embroidery, tiny buttons and laces and the two-piece vivacious flower  power a la Ali Xeeshan. Extra points for that long, statement braid that Sonya’s rocking with the Ali Xeeshan outfit.

Hira Mani



Sari game a la Hira Mani 

(Top left: Demesne Couture, top right: Beats, bottom: Rehmat Ajmal)


Hira Mani’s developed a penchant for saris ever since she played the sari-clad ‘teacher’ in drama Mere Paas Tum Ho. Full points for that light pink hand-painted sari by Rehmat Ajmal – it’s the sort that you’d hang on to for life. Hira’s cotton, woven sari by Beats is also beautiful.

The Demesne Couture tie-n-dye, meanwhile, would have worked better with a plain, better-stitched blouse and lighter makeup.

Minal Khan



Va va voom, Minal Khan!

(Left: from her own wardrobe, right: Hussain Rehar)

Minal Khan’s cotton Eid suit was a classic. I loved the minimal woven details: little golden floral patterns on the shirt and bordered sleeves. It was my favorite.

I also really liked the Hussain Rehar formal, with its cross-stitched effect. It would, perhaps, be better suited to a wedding – or a formal evening party – as opposed to Eid morning.


Aiman Khan


Pastel party! (Top left: Ansab Jahangir, top right: Erum Khan Couture, bottom: Hussain Rehar)

Aiman Khan stuck to pastels all through Eid and there were certain details in her clothes that stood out: the distinctive florals etched by Hussain Rehar and the smattering of bouquets on the Erum Khan Couture outfit. I am, however, not a big fan of puffed up organza and I have seen certain pastel shades so many times that I find them forgettable (case in point: that tea-pink!)

I do think that the angarkha by Ansab Jahangir suited Aiman the most. It’s got plenty of details: a chikan border, laces and block-print. The simmered silhouette is also very elegant.

This brings me to my best-dressed this Eid…



Little Amal Muneeb, twinning with her mom!

(Top left: Ansab Jahangir, top right and bottom: Erum Khan Couture)


Amal Muneeb is beautiful and such a happy baby. She even managed to keep her dupattas on for the pictures. This girl’s a total Insta-star! Her Eid outfits were lovely, although I am wondering if she threw a tantrum a little later and slipped right back into shorts. Children don’t quite appreciate designer-wear like adults do – they’d rather not deal with swathes of organza and embroidery!

That dupatta with ‘Khala ki jaan’ embroidered on it does ring true – I am sure Minal Khan would agree!


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Some celebs wore a LOT of designer-wear this Eid – here’s who wore what best!