The ‘Green’ side to TV!

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By Maliha Rehman

For the past two years, one has been hearing talk of a new channel aiming to upend the local drama scape. The word Green Entertainment has floated about with directors and actors speaking excitedly about unique new projects that they had signed on to. The channel, it was said, was taking its time collating content before it would launch formally.

The wait was a long one, particularly for the directors and actors whose projects had been completed and who were waiting for them to finally be released for public viewing.

Now, finally, some small snippets of these much talked about projects have been revealed. Green Entertainment has already started its test run and will begin airing regularly in a few weeks’ time. In the meantime, a slew of trailers have given viewers glimpses of the dramas that will be coming up soon. Covering a wide range of topics in dramas featuring an exciting ensemble of actors, the stories do seem to be walking off the beaten track.

Green Entertainment’s Executive Producer Imran Raza outlines, “We are not telling any story that is new. These are stories that are all around us, about people and localities that we are all familiar with. We’re just telling stories that tell the truth.”

Here are a few of the dramas that are part of Green Entertainment’s lineup:

101 Talaqain


Zahid Ahmed stars as a lawyer navigating his way through toxic marriages and divorces in what appears to be a witty take on the institution of law and marriage.

Tumharey Husn Kay Naam


Imran Abbas and Saba Qamar come together in a drama that hints of romance and scenic locales. With a story and screenplay by Umera Ahmed and direction by Saqib Khan, Tumharey Husn Kay Naam’s impressive cast and crew have made it highly anticipated.



Directed by Anjum Shahzad with Humaima Malick in the main lead, Jindo’s trailer is cinematic with terrifying visuals that may give you goosebumps. Set in the expansive deserts of Sindh, the story revolves around a woman fighting against patriarchy and vicious societal practices for the sake of her honor. The cast also includes Samiya Mumtaz, Gohar Rasheed, Hajra Yamin and Nazr-ul-Hassan, among others.



Idiot will be marking the return of Ahmed Ali Akbar’s return to the TV screen post last year’s hit drama Parizaad. Ahmed, in the titular role, appears to be playing a man who is inclined towards bluntly speaking the truth, thereby being labeled an ‘idiot’ by the people around him. Directed by Shahzad Kashmiri and also starring Mansha Pasha, ‘Idiot’s trailer hints at an entertaining, thought-provoking ride.

22 Qadam


Set in the cricket field, 22 Qadam is very clearly a story about a girl’s dreams of becoming a professional cricketer. Starring actors Wahaj Ali and Hareem Farooq, the drama will be exploring cricket, the country’s most popular sport and yet, one that has unfathomably never been a part of our drama storylines.



Siyaah, a horror anthology, appears to be terrifying. Featuring a vast assortment of actors – Hania Aaamir, Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, Adnan Siddiqui, Zhalay Sarhadi, Faysal Quraishi, Osman Khalid Butt, Hira Mani, Usama Khan and Sami Khan, among others –  the series will evidently be traversing a range of bone-chilling storylines – the paranormal legends surrounding Karachi’s Karsaz Road, the evil machinations of an over-protective aunt, the secrets binding two women in two different time zones, among others.

It reminds one of the Mystery Theatre anthology from long ago, which became popular for its scary, well-narrated storylines. Siyaah, though, aided by present day special effects is likely to be even more scary. Horrors buffs are likely to gravitate towards this one.

College Gate


Young, boisterous and good-looking. College Gate is a story about a group of college-going friends, their dreams and their trials. Directed by Faheem Burney, the drama stars a motley crew of young actors, namely Khaqan Shahnawaz, Washma Fatima, Zarrar Khan, Mamya Shajaffar, Nouman Kahout and Hina Chaudhary, among others.

Jeevan Nagar


Directed by Kashif Nisar, Jeevan Nagar will depict the remarkable Sohail Ahmed in a role that challenges societal perceptions around masculinity. Rabia Butt stars as the female lead in what appears to be a poignant, very real narrative.



Mawra Hocane stars in Nauroz, depicting the village girl who leaves the confines of her village to explore the turmoil involved in surviving in a big city. The story seems unique. The village has its own strange secrets while in the city, it appears that Mawra eventually becomes a social media influencer. With Shahzad Kashmiri directing, Nauroz promises to be very different.

Kabli Pulao


Starring Sabeena Farooq and Mohammad Ehteshamuddin, Kabli Pulao presents an unlikely pair of a young Afghani girl and a much older man from Lahore and how, when their paths collide, it leads to confusion within their family, some funny moments and also, perhaps, romance. The drama is directed by Kashif Nisar.

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