Trailer Review: Yaara Vey could be a pleasant watch

By Maliha Rehman

A well-told love story always works. Boy meets girl, there’s a clash of wills, a few misunderstandings, a new love interest forming a ‘triangle’ and eventually, the realization of true love. It’s the oldest story in the books – and yet, we never tire of it.

Add in some spurts of glitz, a mixed palette of music, scenic locales, some razzmatazz and good performances and you’ve got yourself a movie that could possibly work its magic on the cinema screen.

The upcoming Yaara Vey, directed by Manish Pawar, hopes to wield some of this magic. Actors Sami Khan and Faizan Khawaja form two ends of the movie’s love triangle, with Aleeze Nasser being the girl that they both love. Sami Khan is, of course, a well-known actor and Faizan Khawaja has a few prime projects to his credit. Aleeze Nasser, however, is still a fledgling name in the field, hitherto having been seen quite some time ago in the movies Yalghaar and Waar. The ensemble cast includes veteran names like Javed Sheikh and Marina Khan.

Glimpses of this motley crew of actors can be seen in the two and a half odd minutes long trailer. Sania Siddiqui, our leading lady, is a perfectionist. She doesn’t like it when any obstacle crosses her path. Armaan Syed appears to fit the bill of the kind of man she would want to spend the rest of her life with – she calls him a ‘sensible choice’. But then there’s Sameer – carefree, spontaneous, who doesn’t care for perfectionism or love. Sania’s path crosses with Sameer’s, they seem to have a tussle over a land that they both want, there’s some dancing, some quips thrown here and there, a few lectures from Javed Sheikh who is probably Sameer’s father and some soulful songs that will be charting out the culmination of the love story.


It’s all very feel-good and engaging. The soundtrack interspersed through the trailer offers a diverse mix, from a shaadi dance song to a faster number in a discotheque and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan belting out a quintessential love song. From the looks of the trailer, the movie does promise to be an entertainer; the sort that you’d want to watch with your girlfriends with a big bucket of popcorn, perhaps!

However, while love stories will never be out of vogue, they can also end up being generic. The trailer may have its strengths but it remains to be seen if Yaara Vey will have twists that make it unique rather than just the usual love story. Will the actors be able to do justice to the music or will the dance moves be stilted? Will Aleeze Nasser, relatively new, be able to hold her own against her much more experienced costars? Will the movie have a pace that remains riveting or will it fall victim to drags?

This, one can never tell by merely seeing the trailer. From the looks of it, though, Yaara Vey may be a surprisingly pleasant watch.

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Trailer Review: Yaara Vey could be a pleasant watch