Are you Vibing to Lahore Qalandars’ New Beat?

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By Sarah Shaukat

The anthem Bol Qalandar starts on an awkward note and may not be spurred on by high-end technology and celebrities … but it more than makes up for it by being so heartwarming and very, very catchy!

Pakistanis are undoubtedly hardcore cricket fans and with PSL in full-swing, we are seeing the cricket spark on the internet. While there is endless excitement before, during, and after the match, there are other tidbits that are keeping the nation busy as well.

The most recent one of all is the new anthem by Lahore Qalandars that brought on the commentaries on Pakistani Twitter soon after it was released this past weekend. After seeing so many raving the anthem we decided to have a look and decide whether it supersedes Groove Mera and Peshawari Zalmi’s Kingdom.

After listening to it one thing worth pointing out is that unlike these two, we do not see any brand ambassadors or celebrities in Bol Qalandar. Instead, the entire team is the heart of this music video. Other than that, a comparison between the three may be unfair as each is in fact in a league of its own. As far as Bol Qalandar is concerned, it does come off as raw, easygoing and feel-good. Sometimes, you don’t need high-flying technological displays or celebrities to make a song a hit! All you need is a lively, energetic video and a catchy tune.


Sung by Lahore’s own Abrar-ul-Haq, Bol Qalandar is an anthem alright! ‘Jeet raha hai, jeet raha hai, jeet raha hai, Pakistan!’ the chorus repeats, epitomizing the spirit behind the PSL.

The music video features some of the top players from Lahore Qalandars dancing their hearts out. They are very obviously having a good time, goofing around, and it all makes you laugh and enjoy the beat.

While listening to it one cannot help but vibe along. We understood what the excitement was all about! And many on Twitter agree…

Some people found the song wholesome!


It’s all in the vibes!


Some believed that the anthem is the true essence of the Lahori soul…well well!


For some, it was a gem!

While there were many positive reactions, turns out the song wasn’t for everyone. For some, it served as perfect meme content!


The memers didn’t disappoint…

Some observed that the song may have been made under a low budget but it had totally hit it out of the park!

Some were left confused but, we are assuming, in a good way

For us, at least, Bol Qalandar gave off good vibes only! It has a nice ring to it, it is simple and funny and there is an overall feel-good factor to the music video. Indeed, at the PSL, where teams and anthems are supported with whole-hearted nationalism and cricket binds everyone together, ‘jeeet raha hai Pakistan’ rings true!

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Are you Vibing to Lahore Qalandars’ New Beat?