20 Hilarious Memes to Get You Through Valentine’s Day If You Are Not Celebrating!

By Sarah Shaukat

It’s Valentine’s Day; a celebration of love, expression and for some, it is one of the most romantic days of the year. While couples may have their plans sorted, for the single folks it is yet another gut-wrenching reminder that they are aboard the singles train. 

But hey, Valentine’s day isn’t for everyone!

Are you reading this with your sweats on, chugging the last bit of ice cream, gagging on the cheesy Valentine’s posts on your feed? If you don’t have much going on this year, no worries, check out these rollicking compilations that will certainly make your day.

This is an attempt to show solidarity with the singles’ community. Those flying solo this year can make the most of these hilarious anti-Valentine’s day memes.

Set Realistic Expectations


Savor some Food Puns … because why not?


 When your crush has a Valentine but it’s not you!



Treat yourself because no one else is going to!


The Pep Talk You Need


Why must Couples have all the Fun?


Opt for the Glass is Half-full kinda Mentality


Give yourself a pep talk cuz who else will?



Trying to explain to people why you are still Single



Dropping hints to your crush with Valentine’s Day suggestions be like…


 Update Relationship Status


When you are single but people still ask you your plans for Valentine’s Day


When people can’t shut up about their love lives, be the ultimate Buzzkill!


Have single girlfriends? How about Galentine’s Day?  Send your gal pals cheesy posts, just for fun!



Responding to Love-struck Social Media Feeds


You may be Single but there is still something you can gain from the day


 Being single isn’t the end of the world, Take out time for yourself, Indulge in an afternoon of self-care


Celebrate all the money you saved by staying single on V-Day



Make it all about you!






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20 Hilarious Memes to Get You Through Valentine’s Day If You Are Not Celebrating!