The Different Kinds of People You Meet on Valentine’s Day

By Aliya Adeel Zuberi

They say that holidays are the best time to get to know someone and what better holiday to test that theory out on than Valentine’s Day? This particular holiday tends to bring out the best and the worst in people.

While love is in the air and Cupid is out doing his thing, there are six different kinds of people you’ll come across on this festive occasion who celebrate in their own special way.

1. The Haw Haye Aunty

It’s like Shabnum Aunty has made it her life’s mission to seek out any couple who might be celebrating this holiday. She’ll make sure her calendar is clear on the 14th and will be all eyes and ears. Her skills can put the FBI to shame.

God forbid you accidentally wear a red or pink colored piece of clothing, our beloved Aunty will be sure to point it out and ask you who you’re wearing it for. Aunty doesn’t believe in coincidences on this particular day.

And let’s not get started on if she sees you with someone of the opposite gender! She’ll pop out of thin air and she’ll make sure to ask for an introduction right there and then. Before leaving, she’ll make sure to let you know she’s planning to come meet your mom in the next few days.


Now don’t get us wrong, our beloved Aunty doesn’t mean to gossip and believes it’s not her place to discuss these matters with anyone. But suddenly the entire family and neighborhood knows that you have a special someone even before you do! Good luck clearing things up at home!

2.  The salty singles

Ever come across someone who hates Valentine’s Day? Someone who tries very hard to convince others that Valentine’s Day is a corporate trap, that we are victims of capitalism and that this holiday is the most pointless holiday known to man.  Meet our salty singles.

“You don’t need one to day to express your love,” is their favorite line and they make sure that they repeat it every single year.

While couples are out celebrating the day of love, our salty singles tend to be found at home, dressed in black enjoying a nice slasher movie. The gorier the better.

3. The ready to mingle singles

These singles are usually the guys who are the most excited for Valentine’s day. They look forward to this day every year and plan their moves in advance. They have their best red shirt ironed out to wear and are armed with big bunches of roses, melting chocolates and the worst pickup lines possible. Their targets are unsuspecting and usually uninterested girls.

These singles began their journey from a young age – more specifically, from school. They were the group of guys who would always try their luck and propose to the young and pretty teachers during lunchtime. Of course, the teachers would take the chocolates and then promptly send the boys to the principal’s office! But nothing deterred them then and byy the looks of it, nothing ever will.

4.  The Loved-up Couple

These are usually couples in their honeymoon phase, bent on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a bang:  flowers, fancy dinner, presents and a whole lot of Instagram posts to make sure everyone knows how they celebrated their day. If sickly sweet had a face, they would be it. They make sure all of their friends know how much their bae loves them and how special their day was.

As for their single friends, our loved-up couple will reassuringly pat their hands and tell them that they will experience the joy of love one day too.

5. The man in trouble

You’ll probably be able to recognize our poor friend by the sheer panic on his face. Yes, he forgot to get his girl a present… again. Despite her constant nagging, when the day actually comes and she reminds him that a present is due, he’s empty handed. As a result he’s now in the process of making a last minute attempt of getting something and is probably failing. He’ll just end up resigning himself to the fate of a very angry lady at home.

6. The Galentines Crowd

This is usually a diverse group. Single girls fresh off a breakup, girls going through relationship drama, girls trying to escape their mother’s matchmaking attempts, girls in relationships who don’t want to be mainstream and celebrate V-day. They all get together and celebrate their girlfriends and pure female friendship.

Usually found watching a chick flick surrounded by comfort junk food and getting all-emotional while watching the movie.


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The Different Kinds of People You Meet on Valentine’s Day