Independence Day Special: Fashion statements that go green!

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By Maliha Rehman

Independence Day always tends to bring on an onslaught of green and white. The Pakistani flag flutters out from rooftops and given that the 14th of August is often preceded by the rainy season, even the world looks greener, better, filled with hope. These colors du jour usually also translate to accessories and apparel, bringing on a deluge of green and white which may be in the right spirit, but isn’t necessarily very savvy.

There is nothing very groundbreaking, after all, in putting out capsule lines in green and white without more unique details added to the designs. Keeping this in mind, here is a lineup of some very cool accessories – and clothes – that stand out as ideal statement-wear for Independence Day and then, beyond.

Most of these designs have been created by small-scale businesses that are slowly making a mark with their online presence. It just goes to show that a quick surf through Instagram can sometimes unearth the sort of statement-wear that you’d want to hold on to forever!

Ayesha Accessories

Topping the list of Independence Day accessories is the vintage chand tara lineup created by Ayesha Accessories. Old badge pieces have been embellished with emerald and pearl beads to create a choker, earrings and a ring that you’d want to wear all the time. Absolutely beautiful!

Whimsical Firefly

Online brand Whimsical Firefly has gone green with great gusto, dabbling with scarves that have multicolored florals and peacocks flitting about them and badges that proudly declare ‘V Green At Heart’. What truly do address the need of the hour, however, is the range of face masks; in various shades of green, splattered with quirky prints of currency notes, flowers, Independence Day slogans and of course, the chand tara!

Amna Shariff Jewelry

Amina Shariff Jewelry’s lineup of pure silver, Independence Day jewelry makes delicate statements: little crescents and stars dangling off chains and coins and chand-taras placed on to earrings. So pretty!

Orah Jewels

Orah Jewels’ Independence Day specials are subtle, with little brass hearts inlaid on to aventurine gemstones and molded into earrings and pins. The green represents Pakistan and the hearts pay homage to ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’!

Sitarey by Mehnaz

A Pakistan flag clutch is always iconic and Sitarey by Mehnaz’s version is hand-embellished, worked with beads on a cotton base. Carry it anywhere around the globe and it’s a great way of showing the world that you’re a proud Pakistani!


The Shehrnaz Azadi kurta comes in a pristine white cotton, block-printed with Urdu alphabets that can be stringed together to spell ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. The chand-tara on the collar add a burst of green.



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Independence Day Special: Fashion statements that go green!