Father’s Day Special: Just Pakistani Dad Things We Can All Relate To

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By Sarah Shaukat

Growing up in a desi household means that you’re likely to encounter some of the clichés that are identified with brown parents. Mothers have their own share of predictable traits but fathers can be very interesting as the heads of boisterous, garrulous Pakistani households.

This Father’s Day let us have a look at some of the annoying and adorable things that our Abbus do.

Not knowing you birthday or your age

They may be responsible for the entire household but they never remember special occasions. I don’t recall my dad ever remembering my birthday. Some dads don’t even know which grade their child is in. But we still love them.

Sharing life stories and the hardships they had to face

Desi parents have a strange way of motivating their children. Whenever you try to discuss your own problems, they bring up stories of their own tough times. You’re likely to get assailed by detailed, somewhat tragic, accounts of how they poured their sweat and blood into building a life that would be comfortable for their children.

Okay, but how is that supposed to help us now?

Not approving of your career choices

Abbus always like to play it safe and advise their children to go for a profession with ‘scope’ (read: medical, engineering or becoming a big-shot financier). The word ‘passion’ is non-existent in their dictionary and it’s going to be hard convincing them if you decide to walk a more unconventional career path.

Turning off fans and lights to save electricity

We as a nation should have been rid of the energy crisis by now as all Babas are on high alert to turn off extra fans and lights around the house.

Convincing us to eat veggies

Every time you sit down to eat Baba always tries to convince you to eat … particularly those vegetables. Tinday, loki, paalak … gotta swallow them all!

Over-selling underrated stuff

Abus have a real talent for overselling stuff just to save a few bucks.

Giving constant time checks when you are running late for work

He is your walking talking clock who is always sending reminders. Since he is the only punctual member of the household, you will be the recipient of never-ending lessons on punctuality from him.

He is also very likely to stay up pacing back and forth until you get home at night and then emphasize on the importance of time.

Remembering their zamana … then sighing at the present one

Because their period was the golden era and there is no winning this argument!

He is your biggest cheerleader

No one supports you more than your Dad – even if that means eating anything you cook and singing praises of it even if it is not that good.

The ultimate multi-tasker

Fathers believe they can fix just about anything around the house so no need to call the plumber, electrician or gardener.

Regardless of these quirks we wouldn’t want it any other way. We are truly blessed to have our Abu Jaans!

How many of these classic dad traits you relate to?





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Father’s Day Special: Just Pakistani Dad Things We Can All Relate To