14 Struggles of Every Rozadar During Ramzan!

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By Sarah Shaukat

Muslims all over the world are observing Ramzan, a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset. It is a blessed month during which Muslims not only refresh their Iman but are mindful about doing good deeds along with giving charity. Ramzan is the holiest month of the year which is quite literally a golden ticket to score some good deeds. It is definitely an exciting benefit of the month.

It also really builds up the pressure sometimes. Even though Ramzan comes every year it doesn’t exactly go very smoothly and definitely requires some effort. There are some struggles that everyone can relate to during this month!


1. Stay up all night watching movies and series, and dozing off literally half an hour before Sehri!

This is the absolute worst. You get tired and think, “Oh, I’ll just rest my eyes”. Before you know it you are gone!


2. When you accidentally see something ‘not so safe for Ramzan’ while scrolling down your feed and wonder if your Roza broke


3. When you have work but the only thing you have energy for is sleep!

This is even more challenging this year with so many of us working from home!

4. Daydreaming about eating everything you are craving for Iftar but when it is finally Iftar time you can’t eat much!


5. When you hear gossip but have to refrain from talking about it because roza kharab ho jayega!


6. Ignoring awkward stomach growls in public. Hehe well, I didn’t hear anything … cringe!


7. Saving numerous recipes to make and not trying even a single one, because who has the energy? Iftar banatay waqt girnay walay hotay hain.


8. Starting the month with the misguided notion that you will lose weight with all the fasting


9. Making a mental note to eat fewer Pakoras but mindlessly gobbling away at Iftar

Fried foods are a massive no no but can we please make an exception for Ramzan?


10. Finally accepting the fact that you’ll gain weight during Ramzan and start planning a post Ramzan workout routine

There is still hope after Ramzan ends, so hang in there!


11.Worrying if all the sweating from the sweltering heat will dehydrate you


12. Trying to get done with Eid shopping …  amid a global pandemic  … while fasting

This is our second year living under the tyranny of the COVID pandemic. It is hard enough to get things done while fasting, now we have to make sure that there are SOPs in place to avoid the virus.


13. Listening to music because you can’t work without it but feeling guilty because it’s Ramzan

14. Thinking of ways to get out of having to prepare Iftar

As much as we love fasting and Ramzan, we always count down the minutes before Iftar as the closer it gets the more hungry we get. We do always manage to pull through.

What struggles do you go through?










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14 Struggles of Every Rozadar During Ramzan!