Eid Edition: What to Expect Every Bakra Eid

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By Sarah Shaukat

On Bakra Eid, the roads get busy while houses get noisy with unlikely companions. It is that time of the year when you head out to get grocery and a trio of camels casually strolls by with colorful tassels accentuating their curves. Although every year is different, some things never change. The incidents you witness and the people you meet are often predictable. Here are some of the things we always come across on Bakra Eid.

The Show Off

This Eid is all about sacrifice and Hajj, but for some it is yet another opportunity to show off their wealth. They go around telling people how they bought the most expensive Bakra.

The Runaway Cow

This is an entertaining sight as long as you are not in the way. The cow chase sequence often lasts longer than anticipated and it is bound to knock a few before getting caught.

The One Who Can’t Stand the Smell of Meat

More often than not, there’s always someone in the house who needs to stay a mile away from meat or else they will gag. They won’t eat Qurbani ka ghost because it smells different. The rest of us are just dreaming of that barbecue!

The One Who is Half Qassai

There is always that one family member who likes to think they know their way around the butcher’s knife and takes it upon themselves to sort the meat. This member is probably the reason the real Qassai gets all riled up and messes up the meat.

The One Daydreaming About Grilling Meat

Then there is always the foodie who is busy fantasizing about what to eat and grill before the poor animal has even been slaughtered. Let the poor soul die in peace!

The Kid Who Goes Around Distributing Meat

The little ones are excited carrying plates of meat to the neighbors’ homes as if it is a badge of honor. That’s one job less for the adults who may have to spend hours overseeing the qurbani and sorting out the meat.

The Kids Who Want Eidi

The whole concept of animal sacrifice is lost on children when the matter boils down to the all-important quest for Eidi. As long as it’s Eid – even Bakra Eid – they’ll be on the hunt for Eidi and the really dedicated ones are likely to pester adults to the point that they manage to get some cash.

The Sad Kid 

Children love animals and they have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that they have to say goodbye to their beloved goat at the end of the day. We can’t help but feel a little sad for them.

The Animal Rights Activist

There are also those animal rights activists who rise up to remind people about animal cruelty. Qurbani is, of course, a beautiful decree by the Almighty that we must fulfil but it’s true that effort should be made to make the slaughter as painless as possible for the cattle.

The Uncle Who Wants to Know How Much you Paid for the Cow

There is always an uncle who goes around asking people the price of their sacrificial animal and sharing his expert opinion on it. They particularly revel in informing you of how someone else got a better bargain than you.

These clichés just add to the festivity of Bakra Eid, a time that is about celebration with family and friends and also, a time when the spirit of sacrifice should be particularly come alive. Do not forget about those in need and make sure to give the best to the needy.

Most of all enjoy this meaty Eid and stay safe!



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