Better things you can do than celebrate Valentine’s Day

Every February marks the time of the year when couples make a mad dash to celebrate perhaps the most commercialized holiday of the year.

Valentine’s Day. It’s that time of the year when couples struggle under the pressure to find the perfect gesture of love and singles, well they feel the loneliest they possibly can. Now don’t get us wrong, love is great and all that, but how is it romantic for the whole world to celebrate their love on the same day as everyone else? How is it romantic when every couple is literally doing the exact same thing as you are?


But here’s what no one tells you, there are much better ways you can be spending 14th February and here’s how. Single people are probably going to love our suggestions more than the besotted couples who are planning to go red today …

Focus on work!

Valentine’s Day is falling on a Monday. Everyone hates Mondays, they’re the least productive day of the week. So rather than fretting about dinner plans or what present your partner is getting you, focus on your work and/or on your studies.


Roses die, chocolates get eaten up but at least the paychecks come every month. Also the chances of your parent’s believing you have an extra class on the 14th are slim to none, so don’t even try.

Call it an early night

After a long day at work where you’ve been tolerating your colleagues and struggling to not scream at your boss and quit, calling in an early night could be a great idea.

Or would you rather join every other couple in the city in an overcrowded restaurant? Would you rather invest in roses, at triple the price by enterprising florists in celebration of ‘Rose Day’? Or would you rather like to drown in the disappointment in your partner’s eyes for not one upping their present?

Just go home, de-stress and enjoy a good night of sleep.

Enjoy your me-time

Rather than forcing yourself to go out on a God awful Monday and rather than spending absurd amounts of money on stuff you’re still expected to do all year round, treat yourself! Go home early, order yourself a (regular shaped) pizza, pour yourself a nice drink and binge watch your favorite television show or have a horror movie marathon.

They’re more realistic than those rom coms. Our current Valentine’s Day suggestion is The Tinder Swindler. It’ll make you glad you skipped all the Valentine’s Day fanfare.

Stay single

Relationships are overrated. They require way too much time and effort and you still manage to screw up somewhere. Enjoy the single life while you can (or until your very desi mother starts emotionally blackmailing you into an arranged marriage).

And if you need validation for your decision to stay single, on the 15th just phone up a friend in a relationship and hear them rant and rave about their relationship problems!

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Better things you can do than celebrate Valentine’s Day