Pakistanis Rejuvenated After a Monumental Win: Twitter Mockery, Memes and Special Mentions!

By Sarah Shaukat

A whirlwind of emotions, nail biting moments and nerve racking hits led to a glorious victory in the highly anticipated Pakistan-India match, part of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 series. What an epic way to conclude the weekend indeed!

It was a magnificent win that will always be remembered in the annals of cricket history. Our boys in green remained undefeated as they chased the target without losing a single wicket. This win sets a record, becoming the first time that our boys in green defeat India in a T20 World Cup match!

Cricket undoubtedly is the one thing that brings our nation together. Even the skeptics come out and cheered for our team. As usual, the excitement leading up to the match was off the charts. And as the match started, the buzz, excitement – and stress – piled on and stayed with us throughout. It was worth it!

Twitter had been blowing up during these crucial hours and after the win it was bound to amplify. We are quite enjoying the virtual banter, witty tweets and memes. Here is some quality content to relive the spectacle!

TV tooro!

Many took this opportunity to take jibes at the viral video of Indian fans breaking their TV after a previous loss. Sorry, not sorry.

Spotted: Anushka Sharma Photoshopped into the cricket stadium audience as the disappointed spectator!

As wife of Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian team, Anushka had many more memes dedicated to her …

Kohli with a disappointed PM Modi

Iqrar-ul-Hassan also made it to the scene to console a broken-hearted Kohli

Abhinandan meets Kohli

Indian star Akshay Kumar sat in the audience – and became great meme fodder!

Of course, many saw fit to use Indian’s Mauka Mauka anthem against them

Fahad Mustafa also chimed in

Even Iqrar-ul-Hassan came on board!

And many other celebs as well…

While others couldn’t be more proud…

The memes may have had us in fits but there were also some heartwarming moments that we would like to acknowledge

Many are appreciating Virat Kohli’s sportsman spirit as he congratulated Rizwan and Babar Azam with a smile on his face after losing

Celebrations in the Pakistani pavilion as the winning ball was played

When Rizwan prayed during the tea break in the middle of the stadium, full of commotion and distraction

Now that’s dedication!

Babar Azam’s father’s reaction to his win left us teary eyed. Ah, what a proud moment

Dhoni chatting with Pakistani players right after the match

This epic selfie by the man of the hour, Shaheen Afridi

The cricket fraternity also celebrated the win and congratulated the team

And the most humble Tweet by the Captain himself

Post-victory session with the team!

Here’s the Captain giving his team a post-win pep talk!

We hope we get to witness many more wins like this but this match will go down as a milestone in Pakistan’s cricket history.

What were the best moments from the match for you?


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Pakistan vs India :Twitter Abuzz with Pre-Match Hype and Memes
Pakistanis Rejuvenated After a Monumental Win: Twitter Mockery, Memes and Special Mentions!