Pakistan vs India :Twitter Abuzz with Pre-Match Hype and Memes

By Sarah Shaukat

Our love for cricket is an established fact but when it comes to a face-off with India, our emotions mount to a whole other level. Even people like me, who probably can’t name half of the Pakistani team, get invested in this match. Obviously, like the rest of my nation, I am cheering for our boys but what has my attention right now is Pakistani Twitter.

If there is any online space that knows how to keep it alive before, during and after a cricket match, it’s our folks on Pakistani Twitter. So much so that I often catch the highlights of the match there instead of watching the actual thing! Now spare me the glares because I already mentioned I am not a cricket buff.

Coming back to Twitter, the pre-match hype is unreal as always. The top trend a day before the match was #PakvsInd. Even celebs and politicians  like Asim Azhar, Fahad Mustafa and Fawad Chaudhry are looking forward to the showdown.

Fahad is not the only one with cheeky remarks. Here is the low down of what is going on hours before the match on Twitter.

Some drama buffs seem to be caught in a pickle. I can definitely relate to this one.

The memes are flooding in and I can’t get enough!

At a time like this we obviously wouldn’t expect anything less. And Pakistanis definitely know their way around memes.

Others just can’t wait for the match and the excitement is off the charts!

Some are preparing for the best … and the worst

There will always be some skeptics…

Some desi empty promises were also spotted! Cricket or not, these never get missed by my radar

Some are full of optimism. We will surprise you, they say!

Some fans are hyping our team in green

And of course others are busy trolling the rival team

Many are taking jibes at Kholi in particular

Lots of emotions, predictions and excitement to be seen. Pakistan vs India is always a slippery slope and let’s see which way the tables will turn. Either way, Twitter is going to be very enjoyable. In case you don’t know how to respond to the outcome, this tweet sums it up beautifully!



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‘Dobara’, off to an engaging start!
Pakistan vs India :Twitter Abuzz with Pre-Match Hype and Memes