The Curious Case of Fashion’s Sleeping Beauties

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The coronavirus has slowed life down and turned timetables topsy turvy. There are many of us who slept through the day during the early weeks of lockdown. We’ve all become quite attached to our PJ’s. But who would have thought that the penchant for dozing off would trickle down to high end fashion?

And yet, there are a number of shoots, floating out on Instagram, where the models look like they are snoozing away. If it looked like they were merely relaxing, it could have worked. But in quite a few cases, it actually seems like the model is fast asleep. Why? It’s a mystery that has been irking me.

Could it be the coronavirus induced ennui? A desire to sleep off these difficult times and wake up only when the world is a better, safer place? Is it supposed to depict relaxation? But how can anyone relax – or even doze off – while decked up in bling, laden with makeup and sometimes, even standing?

A case in point here is Saba Qamar, in a shoot for Hussain Rehar from earlier this year, during pre-Covid times, where she’s absolutely dropped into slumber while standing!

All that wedding-wear bling was maybe making Saba Qamar sleepy in this shoot for Hussain Rehar from pre-Covid times, this year


In fact, a scan through Hussain Rehar’s Instagram feed reveals quite a few sleeping beauties!


Sleeping while decked out in shaadi-wear. Maybe it was a boring shaadi?


But the curious case of sleeping fashion models doesn’t stop here. There’s actress Kubra Khan who slathered on loads (and loads) of makeup, wore a pretty, heavily embroidered outfit by fledgling lawn brand Maryam Hussain … and went off to sleep.


Kubra, what is this behaviour?


And recently, Sana Safinaz got a tad sleepy in their Muzlin Luxury 2020 collection.


The many ways of falling asleep through Covid: You could do it standing …




… or you could sit down in all your accessorized, embroidered finery


There are other odes to dozing off that make better sense …


The model does look like she’s merely relaxing in the open-air. 


And a girl could totally fall asleep next to a cool glass of water, in the sweltering unrelenting summer heat.



But this prevalent, unfathomable trend for sleepy fashion shoots makes me wonder, where we’re headed. Perhaps, the next time around, the designer wear will come attached with pillows?

The Viktor & Rolf Fall 20005 collection

(image via


I hope not. But in these strange, surreal times, you never really know what you’ll see next on Instagram.

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